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Losing Your License Is Devastating

If you have been grieved by a former client, you need to protect your rights and interests. A bad reputation can destroy your career.

Attorney Elizabeth A. Hohauser brings 20 years of legal experience and knowledge of the grievance process. She will provide you with quality care and advocate for you throughout the process.

The Attorney Grievance Process

If you receive a request for investigation, you have 21 days from the date of the letter to answer.

Once you answer, the grievance administrator will determine whether to conduct a further investigation. The Attorney Grievance Commission has the authority to dismiss the grievance at this stage. A well-written and appropriately documented answer can assist the AGC staff in closing a file at this early stage. Attorney Elizabeth A. Hohauser is available to assist in this effort.

If the Attorney Grievance Commission decides to pursue further investigation, the commission can ask follow-up questions and subpoena witnesses and documents. Once the investigation concludes, the matter is submitted for review to the commission. Upon review, the Attorney Grievance Commission may close the file, issue a nonpublic admonition to the attorney, place the attorney on probation or authorize formal charges with the Attorney Discipline Board.

If the Attorney Grievance Commission authorizes formal charges, hearings are conducted by the Attorney Discipline Board and are open to the public. The Attorney Discipline Board and the Michigan Supreme Court take the American Bar Association standards of imposing lawyer sanctions in actions assessing discipline. Elizabeth Hohauser can review these and help mitigate the consequences if a finding of misconduct is made.

If you have been grieved, it is wise to immediately seek counsel.

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