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Cartoon drawing of lawyer liz

Apps for Hiding Phone Activity


Did you know there are special apps for your phone made to look like clocks and calendars that teenagers use to hide inappropriate pictures?

If are surprised to hear about these applications, all you have to do is google “how to hide apps” and a dozen sites will come up telling you exactly how to hide nude photos, text messages, Tinder, and anything else you want hidden on your phone.

If you have teenagers and you are a responsible parent who checks their phones, you may need to be a little more cunning. Unfortunately, more and more kids are finding themselves in legal trouble for taking and sharing nude photos and even video of sex acts. It is a crime for a juvenile, or an adult, to possess, distribute, or produce any sexually explicit photograph or video – even if the child in the photos is the photographer.

You can be sure that the school administration and the police know about the fake apps and exactly how they are used. Talk to your child, let them know that if anyone ever sends them a nude photo or inappropriate video they should never save it their phone and certainly never pass it along to other kids! Feel free to call or message me if you have any questions!