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Cartoon drawing of lawyer liz

Legal Malpractice Insurance And Grievance


Did you know that some policies of legal malpractice insurance will cover the cost of attorney grievance defense (also called attorney discipline) in addition to malpractice defense, but the terms are different for every policy / carrier. It is imperative to read and understand your policy.

Most policies will not surcharge (increase your premium) for a grievance unless the allegations in the grievance are significant or a malpractice suit arising from the grievance is filed. Many policies do not even have deductibles for grievance defense.

Some legal malpractice policies will not pay for defense of a malpractice suit if it arises from a grievance of which the insurer was not given timely and proper notice.

The main point here is: read your malpractice policy, you may have one that will cover your grievance defense.

For any questions pertaining to a grievance filed against you, call Attorney Elizabeth A. Hohauser.