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cartoon drawing of lawyer Liz
Cartoon drawing of lawyer liz

Local Gun Laws Are Often Illegal


Did you know that local governments – like cities and townships – are not allowed to make gun laws in most circumstances?

State laws regarding gun use & ownership preempt local laws in almost all cases.

Local governments CAN make laws about guns in the following situations:

  1. If the conduct with a gun is a crime under State law;
  2. If the law concerns employees of that local unit of government;
  3. If the person using the gun is a minor;
  4. If the law prevents a person from waiving their gun in a threatening manner;
  5. If the law prohibits discharge of a gun.
  6. Other than laws concerning 1-5 above, a local government does not have the authority to make gun laws.

If you have gotten a ticket for possession or use of a firearm written under a local ordinance, we may be able to get it dismissed.