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cartoon drawing of lawyer Liz
Cartoon drawing of lawyer liz

You Are Not Alone: Top 5 Things People Stress About During Divorce

Everyone is stressed when they are going through a divorce. When I got divorced, I was worried my kids would resent me and I was terrified about finances. Some of the most common anxieties I hear about from my clients include:

  1. Money:  Some people worry about making enough to survive, while other people worry that their ex-spouse will take it all. Either way, your lawyer will have a financial strategy for your divorce to make sure you are not financially victimized.
  2. Parenting time:  Some worry that their ex will prevent them from seeing their children, other people worry that their ex will disappear and leave them with all the responsibilities, while still others worry that their kids will not be safe at their ex’s home.  No matter what your parenting time worries, a good lawyer will help you protect your kids during a divorce and your judge will make decisions based on the Best Interest of the Child factors and Michigan’s Parenting Time factors.  You can see those here and here.
  3. Housing:  Some people fear that they will be stuck paying for the marital home while others worry that they will be forced to leave the home.  Any property that was purchased during the marriage is considered “marital property” and so each spouse is entitled to share in the home’s equity – even if your name is not on the deed.
  4. Relationships with extended family: This can be a very tricky part of a divorce. Some people have great relationships with their ex-family-in law, while others endure being badmouthed by them.  If your ex-family is badmouthing you to your kids, your attorney can file a motion to put a stop to that nonsense.
  5. Dating: A lot of people wonder if they can start dating. Others already are! No matter what your choice regarding a paramour, make sure that your kids are not in the middle of any drama! If your ex has a girlfriend or boyfriend that you do not know or that you are worried about, your attorney can file a motion limiting your ex’s parenting time to take place only when the paramour is not around.

You are not alone.

Although divorce can be very painful, the pain will lessen with time and personal growth. One way to help with healing is to acknowledge what you are afraid of. Once you recognize your fears, you can focus on taking the necessary steps to avoid pitfalls or to fix the problems.  If you explain your fears to your attorney, he or she can probably help!

To help you further, attached is a link to my free PDF workbook that I created with a licensed family counsellor that will assist you in navigating your divorce. If you have any questions or concerns about your divorce, please contact me at [email protected].