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Cartoon drawing of lawyer liz

Priorities: Ways to Keep Connected to Your Children During Divorce

It’s easy to lose sight of priorities when you are going through a divorce. But, just like your children were a high priority for you before the divorce, it is even more important to make them on the top of your list during the divorce. Putting your kids first during this time will help you keep your sanity; it will help them feel less traumatized by the situation AND it will keep you on your judge’s good side!

But with everything going on, it can be hard or awkward to connect with your kids, especially when they have hard questions. Making a list of things you’d like to do with your child is a good start, and they can definitely help you with some ideas. You will find that the two of you can bond more easily and effortlessly while doing an activity together.

Here is a list of fun and inexpensive suggestions:

1- Have your child teach you how to play their favorite video game

2- Go to a park and count how many different birds you see

3- Make a fort out of blankets

4- Paint rocks

6- Cooking dinner together

7- Find bugs

8- Do a yoga video

9- Go for a bike ride

10- Take a nature walk

11- Have your child show you their favorite You-Tube videos or Tik Toks

12- Go roller skating or skate boarding

13- Create an instagram account for your pet

Respond below with pictures from activities you’ve done or any other ideas you might have! To help you further, attached is a link to the free PDF workbook I created with a licensed family counsellor.  This divorce workbook will assist you in navigating your divorce. If you have any questions or concerns about your divorce, please contact me at [email protected].