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cartoon drawing of lawyer Liz
Cartoon drawing of lawyer liz

Family is Forever: A Workbook for Families Navigating Divorce

Divorce can be traumatic for the entire family. But if divorcing parents do some emotional work — alone and with their kids — divorce doesn’t have to be traumatic. Liz partnered with a therapist to create this amazing workbook for families going through divorce. For parents, this book will help you recognize and prevent some of the common emotional “mistakes” people make while getting divorced. For kids, the book will help you understand some of your feelings and help you explain them to your parents.

Click here to download the book Family is Forever for free.

  • How do I tell my kids we are getting divorced?
  • Will divorce hurt my kids?
  • How will divorce affect my kids?
  • Can a divorce be good for kids?
  • Will my kids adjust?
  • How will my kids adjust to our divorce?
  • Should I tell my kids I’m dating after a divorce?
  • How do I tell my kids that I am dating?
  • How long should I wait to start dating after a divorce?

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  • Will I get child support?
  • Will I have to pay spousal support?
  • My name is not on the house, do I have to move out?
  • Do I have to file taxes with my husband?
  • Can I keep my engagement ring?
  • How can I afford a lawyer, I am a stay home mom!
  • My wife makes more money than me, do women pay spousal support?
  • Can my husband take half of my inheritance if we get divorced?
  • Do I have to pay child support if I have the kids ½ the time?
  • Should I tell my boss to hold off paying my bonus until after my divorce?
  • What happens if my husband hides money?