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cartoon drawing of lawyer Liz
Cartoon drawing of lawyer liz

With Liz Hohauser, Custody Cases Are About THE CHILD

Whether you are divorced or if you were never married, anyone who is co-parenting needs to give thoughtful consideration to their child custody arrangement. Custody agreements are the “parenting law” for you and your ex moving forward and can either be a source of stability and relief or the cause of more fighting.

Right now, you may be overwhelmed because you are trying to parent on top of all the legal issues you are dealing with. Fortunately, attorney Liz Hohauser has over 20 years of experience helping families like yours find solutions that last.

Custody Is More Than Parenting Time

Legal custody encompasses questions about education, legal issues, medical care, and more. The legal custodian of a child is responsible for all of these decisions. In many cases, parents share legal custody, much like physical custody. When parents share legal custody, it is very important that the two can effectively communicate with each other for their child’s best interests. If you share legal custody and there has been a change of circumstance making it impossible for you to effectively communicate with your ex, Liz can help you resolve that issue with either a change of custody motion or some negotiations with your ex.

Work Toward A Productive Co-Parenting Relationship

Elizabeth A. Hohauser, PLLC, is well-known across Michigan for dedicated service and holistic care. Liz is a former teacher and experienced family law attorney. Whether you need to explain custody to your children or pursue an agreement that protects them, Liz is here. Call 248-775-5451 today. You can also schedule your appointment online.