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cartoon drawing of lawyer Liz
Cartoon drawing of lawyer liz

Giving Families The Financial Foundation To Flourish

One of the most stressful and contentious aspects of any divorce is the process of dividing marital property. Why? Because you are mixing money with emotions. Liz has noticed that there is typically one person in every couple that is “good” with money and one who is not.  If you are the one who was “good” with money it may feel like you are being taken advantage of by the other during a divorce. But if you are the one who is “bad” with money, chances are that you are terrified of the idea that after a divorce, you will be on your own financially. No matter which one you are, Liz will make sure that you understand what to expect from property division during and after the divorce.  Liz will explain the laws and the different strategies for assessing and dividing marital property. She will also explain the difference between “separate” and “marital” property and how they sometimes comingle.

Reframing The Conversation About Property Division

Liz has over 20 years of experience and always approaches divorce and other contentious legal issues from a perspective of fairness and equity. You and your ex may no longer be together, but the process of dividing your property does not have to be draining or contentious.

Liz begins by explaining the law, setting clear goals, and defining strategies to achieve those goals. Then, she takes a detailed inventory of marital and separate assets, determines what property is in contention and begins negotiations.

Explaining Property Division To Your Kids

No matter how much you try to shield your children from financial issues, they will have questions and concerns. Part of lessening the anxiety is in giving them age-appropriate information that answers their questions and reassures them. Liz has partnered with mental health professionals to create a workbook for families that can help you do exactly this.

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At Elizabeth A. Hohauser, PLLC, Michigan families have the resources they need and an advocate who will protect them. Attorney Liz Hohauser cares about both your rights and your well-being. She uses her legal experience and her existing relationships with therapists and other professionals to give you the best opportunities possible. Email the firm today or reach out by phone at 248-775-5451.