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Cartoon drawing of lawyer liz

Has A Car Wreck Put Your Future On The Line?

If you’ve been injured in a car, truck, motorcycle, or any other type of motor vehicle accident or while riding in public transportation, you should not try to handle your legal case alone.

Rochester attorney Elizabeth A. Hohauser has the knowledge and experience to handle your legal claim. With 20 years of experience serving Michigan clients, she knows the laws and the procedures involved in auto accident claims, and she will fight to get you the maximum compensation award available.

What You Should Know About Michigan’s Car Accident Protections

Michigan is a “no-fault” state. But what does that mean? It means that Michigan residents have given up certain rights in exchange for other benefits. Generally speaking, each person’s own auto insurance pays their medical bills (and other economic benefits, like wage loss) arising out of a car accident – regardless of fault. In some circumstances, however, an injured person can sue the driver who caused an accident and receive compensation for pain and suffering, in addition to the money received from his or her own insurance company.

To put it more simply, there are two ways you may be compensated after a car accident:

  • Your own car insurance may pay for medical costs, lost wages and other financial losses arising out of the car accident
  • The “at-fault driver” may pay you for your pain and suffering due to injuries you sustained in the accident

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, call attorney Elizabeth Hohauser for a free consultation regarding the benefits you may be entitled to from your own insurance company and a possible lawsuit against the at-fault driver for pain and suffering.

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